Philosophy in a World of Gods and Magic

Philosophy seated between the seven liberal arts; picture from the Hortus deliciarum of Herrad von Landsberg (12th century).

This is taken from a sidebar I added to the section on Gods & Religion

In a world where the laws of science are mutable, and there's a palpable existence of good and evil, how do people define reality?

Each campaign can embrace it's own direction for this, but the default worldview for most people is one of these:

We Are Playthings of the Gods
Nothing's rational, not the weather or people or the rocks under our feet. Even the things we take for granted can change or be changed. It's all up to the gods and other powers that control the world around us. All we can do is get out of their way or beg them for help.

We're Discarded Children of Distant Parents
There are larger forces controlling the world, but mostly we've been left on our own. We can keep our heads down and gain some modicum of control over our existence, but if we reach too far or poke our noses in the wrong places the larger world can be cruel and unforgiving, the power and forces dangerous and almost impossible to master.

We Are Our Own Masters
The world is complex and full of unseen forces and godly powers. With enough thought and a lot of luck we can understand it, even master it and bring it to our will. What seems arbitrary and chaotic is actually ordered and consistent.

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