Welcome to Telrhin. A world setting for dice & paper rolepaying games. Home to my campaigns since 1984.

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About the Telrhin website

About This Site...

Telrhin.com is the home of Christian Aldridge's frpg world of Telrhin.

Christian Aldridge is a web developer and technology director for an environmental NGO. He is married with two cats. He is also a reformed game designer who ran Hubris Games back in the day (Maelstrom Storytelling, Story Engine).

This site was lovingly hand-coded in php/mysql and all xhtml strict. Then I realized that was pain in the ass and Drupalized it.

I ditched the old design (Smashing Magazine's ColorPaper, which Lisa called it "very Pottery Barn") in favor of vanilla Bootstrap. 

Surely There's More

I'm pleasantly surprised at the interest in Telrhin by people who have never gamed with me. I'm sorry to say that the rest of the site, the good stuff about the world and the many campaigns, is for my friends and players.

There's a little kernel to the right in the sidebar, but otherwise suffice to say Telrhin is a traditional fantasy world with elves and dwarves and lots of bar fights and unnecessary trysts. What makes it any good is not its originality so much as its rich and vibrant details that have evolved over the course of 40 years of living in it.